Rangeela drops the survival hope in Ghulaam


Rangeela is going to get hanged. Everyone is celebrating and enjoying as its any festival. Jageer has done the arrangements. He dances with the women, to celebrate Rangeela’s death. Veer gets angry seeing his brother dancing. Veer’s heart gets sinking seeing Rangeela going towards the punishment. Veer is upset. Rangeela gets the rope noose in his neck and is made to stand on the ice slab. When the ice melts, Rangeela will be hanged.

Veer wants Rangeela to do something and stop the punishment. Jageer doubts Maldawali is having an affair with Rangeela. Jageer hates Rangeela and is taking revenge. He forces Maldawali and Veer to dance with him. Veer is worried seeing Rangeela. Rangeela keeps a smile on his face, while seeing Veer. Veer realizes Rangeela is very important to him. Rangeela drops the survival hope when the ice slab melts and turns shorter. He does not want Veer to take any step. What will Veer do to stop Rangeela’s death? Keep reading.


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