TGI Friday’s Spoilers


Shakti: There is a cute moment between Harman and Soumya. Everyone sit for dinner. Soumya finds hard to have food, while taking care of baby. Harman feeds Soumya by his hands. Kareena and Rani come there to get some grains as charity. Preeto asks them to leave. Kareena taunts that this house also has a kinner, so they came here. Harman scolds them and asks them to leave, and never come back. Rani asks him how can be so rude to them, when he is showering love to a kinner at home.

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage:
Aru gets an alliance for Mukhi. Mukhi and Mishri are happy when Mastana comes home. Aru and her family meet Mukhi, and talk to fix Mukhi’s relation with Aru’s elder sister.


Rangeela is going to get hanged. Everyone is celebrating and enjoying as its any festival. Jageer has done the arrangements. He dances with the women, to celebrate Rangeela’s death. Veer gets angry seeing his brother dancing. Veer’s heart gets sinking seeing Rangeela going towards the punishment. Veer is upset. Rangeela gets the rope noose in his neck and is made to stand on the ice slab. When the ice melts, Rangeela will be hanged.

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:

Kanak gets a chance to select her jewelry from the locker. She is staying in Uma’s house with a motive. She wants to take the shop papers from the locker. The lady says this is ancestral jewelry, whatever you like, you can take it and wear. Kanak makes excuses and sends the lady and girl out. The girl asks her to get ready for puja fast and come. Kanak tries finding the papers of the shop. She could not get the papers. Uma’s mum comes there to take Kanak for puja.


Its a special day for Chauhan family. Everyone is ready for Couple competition. Nandkishore praises his handsome son Kunal. He does not want to wait for Karan and Naina. Dada ji says I will wait for them. Nand says Kunal and Meghna are ready, we shall leave, else you can stay back. Sandhya tells Nirmala that I have a special place in Karan’s life, if he does not agree to me, he will not listen to anyone, we are just wasting time, we should leave. Nirmala has belief that Karan will come.


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