High Five Spoilers

Telly Spoilers Shakti Ishq SubhanAllah Top 7 Today

Ricky saves Sita from the goons. Ramesh kidnapped Sita from the temple. Ricky has saved her and they both entered the jungle. There is much tension, but Sita is happy to be with him. Ricky asks her why is she smiling, is she happy in this worst scenario. Sita started liking Ricky. She is falling in love with Ricky. Ricky does not feel anything for her. The goons follow Ricky and Sita, and search for them. Ricky gets hurt by them, and manages to run. Sita says we have to leave from this jungle any way and call Gopi. He says fine, but where will we go. Ramesh wants to marry Sita and has sent many goons after Sita. Gopi and Jaggi leave from home to find Ricky and Sita. Sita hopes they reach home. Sita and Ricky’s romance will be seen.


Kusum Sundari tries to trap everyone in superstitions and false belief. Kusum regained all her powers and status as Mata. She goes to meet villagers and tells them that much bad is happening in the village since long time, I got to know why is this happening, Maiyya came in my dream and told me that everyone in the village are more interested in money than Maiyya. She says I will make a big temple for Maiyya.


Virendra steals Sardar’s clothes, while Sardar is busy in working out. Virendra wears Sardar’s clothes and roams in the palace to find Chandrakanta’s room. He sees Chandrakanta and hides from her. Virendra has come to Vijaygarh palace for some hidden motives. He has taken big risk to find the tilismi key.

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani:

Rani and Raja spend some time together, after Raja kidnapped Rani and got her away from home. He cooks food for her, seeing her unable to bear hunger. Rani rejected many guys till now, and seeing Raja, she feels he is the right guy for her. She did not see anyone caring for her so much before. Rani proposes Raja directly. She asks him will he marry her. Raja laughs on her and jokes that she just appears like a girl, but she is a tomboy. He says you are as tough as a guy, there is no feminism in you, you don’t know shying and girls’ behaviorism.


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