Kanak and Uma’s post marriage twists in Tu Sooraj…


Bhabho and the family gets tied by ropes. Bhabho gets beaten up. Kanak screams and worries for Bhabho. Uma sits watching the punishment given to them. Kanak has run away from her marriage. Uma takes this step to teach Kanak a lesson. Bhabho, Babasa, Ved and Vansh get beaten up. Babasa and Bhabho were expecting to get welcomed by Uma and his family. Bhabho worries seeing the dangerous family, and thinks what will happen of Kanak in that house. Ved and Vansh will not leave Uma and answer for this step.

Later on, Kanak finds a chance to steal the shop papers from the locker. She gets saved from being caught by Uma. She is much smart and makes excuses in front of everyone. She gifts something to Uma, which makes him very happy. She gave him some random paper, which turned out to be a painting. Uma thinks its a gift from her side. He gets glad seeing Shiv Lord painting. Uma thanks her for the gift. Kanak is very important in Uma’s life. Kanak happens to see the lantern which she bought for Bhabho. Uma smiles staring at her. Uma is falling in love with Kanak. Kanak talks to the lantern and is happy as its her choice. She saves the oil from getting waste. Kanak blows off the lantern. Kanak avoids Uma and locks herself in the bathroom. She does not like Uma. She gets ready for the puja at home. She gets worried seeing Uma in room. Uma appears as a mystery for her.


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