New mystery crops up in Dil Boley Oberoi


Omkara doubts on Shwetlana after seeing her muddy fingers. Tej supports Shwetlana. Omkara calls him a big fool to support someone like Shwetlana. Omkara asks Tej to see the truth. He asks him to ask Shwetlana about her whereabouts. Shwetlana asks Omkara to believe her, as trust is important in their relation. Omkara decides to find out about the secret Shwetlana is hiding in the garden. He confronts her about the red mud. Shwetlana denies everything. She gets tensed. Omkara asks her to come along to check the garden. Shwetlana refuses to go with him. Omkara takes the entire family. No one believes Shwetlana. Shwetlana calls Omkara mad. Omkara tells her that he will dig up the garden soil. Tej also permits Omkara to go ahead and clear his doubt.

Omkara and everyone head to the garden to recover Shwetlana’s truth. Omkara digs the soil and reveals the coffin there. Doctor’s body gets moved from there. The argument over the empty coffin starts. Omkara asks Shwetlana if this is the thing she is hiding. Shwetlana blames Omkara for hiding the coffin for proving her wrong. Someone mysterious takes doctor’s body from there.

Omkara feels losing to Shwetlana again. Jhanvi prays for Omkara. Shwetlana gets angry seeing Tej supporting Jhanvi. She doubts she has lost Tej, and now its important for her to marry Omkara. Omkara is impressed by Chulbul’s innocent talk. They try to decode the doctor’s sign. Omkara regards Chulbul as his friend. Gauri thinks to reveal the truth to Omkara soon. Omkara and Gauri are close to find out the robot, holding Shwetlana’s secret. Who is helping Shwetlana? Keep reading.


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