Raja to reject Rani’s proposal in Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Raja

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Rani and Raja spend some time together, after Raja kidnapped Rani and got her away from home. He cooks food for her, seeing her unable to bear hunger. Rani rejected many guys till now, and seeing Raja, she feels he is the right guy for her. She did not see anyone caring for her so much before. Rani proposes Raja directly. She asks him will he marry her. Raja laughs on her and jokes that she just appears like a girl, but she is a tomboy. He says you are as tough as a guy, there is no feminism in you, you don’t know shying and girls’ behaviorism.

Rani gets sad and feels insulted by Raja. She angrily goes and takes a Menka avatar to win him. Rani dresses up for Raja, and performs dance with him, trying to impress him with her beauty. Rani asks Raja about his answer now, when he has seen her in the way he wanted. Raja gets too surprised and mesmerized seeing her. Rani does not want Raja to reject her, and thinks of the sentiments of others whom she has hurt by rejecting and insulting before. Will Raja accept Rani’s marriage proposal? Keep reading.

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