Ranveer to safeguard Mahi in Ishqbaaz


Shivay takes Ranveer in confidence to find everything about Mahi. Shivay does not know Ranveer and Kamini’s truth. Anika works out her plan to instigate Mahi against Khanna. Shivay asks Khanna to come and start the game. Shivay plans the fake murder of Khanna. Shivay asks Rudra to go, and gets the fake murder recorded in the CCTV footage. He fake stabs Khanna and leaves from the spot. Mahi happens to hear Khanna’s screams.

Soumya tries making call to Anika. Mahi gets shocked seeing Khanna dead. The family members frame Mahi in the murder case. Mahi tells them that he is innocent, Anika was with him. He fails to produce any proof. Pinky scares Mahi of the death sentence. Mahi asks Rudra to explain them, that he did not do anything. Rudra says we can check CCTV footage to know who did this murder. Mahi gets a big shock seeing the footage. He tells them that this can’t be him. Rudra asks him who is it then. Pinky asks Shivay not to lie to them, they can help him. Mahi asks why will I kill Khanna. Shakti reminds his threatening words to Khanna.

Priyanka confides with Ranveer about the plan to frame Mahi. Ranveer wonders how to save Mahi from this plan. Shivay waits for Ranveer to arrest Mahi. Rudra shows the CCTV footage that Shivay has killed Khanna. Mahi falls in big trouble. Pinky asks Ranveer to get Shivay free of this case. Rudra provokes Mahi to tell truth. Mahi is about to speak up, but Ranveer signs him on time to save him. He does not let Mahi admit he is fake Shivay. He tells them that he will hide the murder incident. He asks Mahi to go to his room, he will handle everything. Mahi realizes Shivay has planned all this. He understands Shivay and the family were fooling him till now.

Anika gets Soumya’s call. Soumya informs her about Mahi. She says Kamini and Ranveer are involved with Mahi. Anika asks Soumya to come home, as they have to tell everything to family. Soumya fails to inform her location. Anika hopes to find Soumya and also reveal Kamini’s truth.


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