Short separation for Suraj and Chakor in Udaan


Suraj gets some money to save Pakhi’s dad’s life. He tells Chakor that he has arranged the money, but he has to return the money in six weeks. He says I called my friend, who organized events, he said if you participate in event, he would give us 25 lakhs. He asks Chakor to participate in the event, but he won’t force her. Chakor agrees to him, as she has to help him in saving someone’s life. Suraj gets sad seeing her pack the bags. Suraj failed to tell his feelings to her. He tells Chakor that he won’t let her go. Chakor asks the reason. He gets hesitant to say.

Chakor also knows the need necessity. She is leaving from the haveli, and going away from Suraj. Suraj acts kiddish and tries to stop her. Imli comes and tells them that they are inseparable. She asks Suraj not to worry, Chakor is not going forever. Chakor explains Suraj that its important for her to go, as she has to get money for the person’s medical treatment. Suraj tells Chakor that he will do money arrangements by some other way, she does not need to go. Chakor says we are husband and wife, and we will face all problems together. Suraj reminds the marriage anniversary date to Chakor. He thinks to confess love to Chakor on his wedding anniversary. Chakor forgets the date and asks him what does he want to say.

Suraj gets annoyed. He says even Imli knows about the date, and you forgot it, better ask Imli about it. Chakor convinces him to let her go and come back soon. She asks Imli to take care of Suraj in her absence. Imli knows Chakor loves Suraj. She assures Chakor that she will not let Suraj feel low. Chakor leaves on her long trip. Suraj starts missing her. He practices shooting along with Imli, and sees Chakor everywhere. Suraj shoots the pots and sharpens his skills. He gets distracted by Chakor and misses the target. Suraj badly misses Chakor. Imli understands Suraj’s problem and cheers him up.


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