Swabhimaan – Nandkishore’s new plan


Meghna-Kunal and Naina-Karan have participated in the best couple dance competition. Both the couples dance on romantic numbers. Meghna is hoping that Kunal will forgive her. Karan lives a new life, after Naina got the medical aids to his help by means of the medicated gloves. Karan started living his life to the fullest. He has let himself free in front of the world, all thanks to Naina. All the couples dance on the paper. All couples give their best performances in the paper dance. Naina hopes Karan will be bringing himself out of the confining walls. Naina and Meghna get in the top 3 contestants. Naina slips and falls down. Meghna and Kunal become the winner of the dance round.

On the other hand, Nandkishore and Sandhya plan to defame Sharda by linking her with the minister. Nandkishore knows minister is favoring Sharda because of her qualifications, but he puts Sharda in an awkward position to ruin her self respect. While Sharda slips th stairs, minister helps her. Nandkishore gets their pictures clicked and tells Sandhya that the photos will ruin self esteem of Sharda, Meghna and Naina. Meghna and Naina do not know the unknown problem coming their way. They have to fight with entire Chauhan family for their mum.


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