Dharam’s marriage calls upon new twist in Saathiya…

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Gaura makes a dramatic entry in the house. She has come with a new plan. She is getting Dharam married to Imli. She calls Vidya and gives the good news. She says I have fixed Dharam’s wedding, so I have done marriage shopping. She says mahurat is after two days. She asks the girl to try the bridal dress. Bhavani is going to become Gaura’s Samdhan. Gaura taunts Vidya who was not willing Dharam to remarry. She boasts of herself. Bhavani is not happy. She shows Gaura that she is happy for this alliance. Bhavani has her own worries. Bhavani also likes Dharam.

Vidya provokes Bhavani, and says now Dharam can never become yours. Bhavani is getting mad after Dharam. Gaura does not know about Bhavani’s feelings for Dharam. Gaura is using Meera’s absence. She tells Vidya that she will get Dharam remarried. Vidya does not rebel. She agrees to Gaura, and says I have complete faith that Dharam will not do this marriage. Gaura is happy to have her new bahu. Gaura shows the sherwani to Dharam. She asks him to smile a bit. Dharam does not want to marry. Bhavani confesses her love to Dharam, and asks him to accept her. Dharam gets stuck between the two alliances.


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