Gauri’s identity twist gets known in Dil Boley Oberoi


Gauri comes for the Jagrata. She comes face to face with Omkara. He holds her and stops. Gauri recalls their marriage and Omkara’s hatred. She runs away from him. She drops her anklet. Omkara picks it and tries to find her to return the anklet. Buamaa and Jhanvi pray that the girl comes back and sings, so that their respect gets saved. Gauri makes an entry in Jagrata and makes the function successful. Omkara likes her sweet voice and wonders who is she. Rudra searches for the cold freezer. He reaches the room and gets tricked by the illusion mirror. Real Shwetlana gains consciousness.

Rudra suspects there is something behind the glass partition. He checks the place. Rudra unlocks the partition, but fails to see real Shwetlana. Shwetlana plans to kill Jhanvi and places the nail layer behind her. She thinks Jhanvi will end any moment now, and she will win the challenge given to Mata Rani. Jhanvi gets saved. Omkara goes to keep the things near Mata idol. His hand gets injured. In a filmi way, his blood falls on Gauri’s forehead. She hides from Omkara. She gets glad and takes it as a positive sign from Lord. Gauri applies Omkara’s blood in her Maang. Jhanvi happens to see this and gets a big shock. She wonders why is Gauri filling blood as sindoor. She sees her with Omkara’s photo.

Gauri hides from Omkara’s sight. Rudra informs Omkara about the cold freezer in basement, which is empty. Omkara asks Rudra to wait there. Shwetlana hears Omkara and wonders how they found the freezer, when she had hidden it behind the wall. Omkara reaches the basement. He does not see real Shwetlana roaming in his house. Gauri runs to turn into Chulbul. Jhanvi gets to know that her friend did not send any singer for Jagrata. Jhanvi tries to connect things and gets an answer from Gauri. Jhanvi catches Gauri, who is staying as Chulbul in their house. Shwetlana realizes about real Shwetlana leaving from her clutches.


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