Naira to know Akshara’s accident truth in Yeh Rishta…


Naira and Kartik come back to their sweet home after celebrating Gangaur with their family. Naira cooks kachoris for him. Kartik helps her in her work, and makes tea. He misses Lav and Kush seeing Kachoris. He says I will send kachoris pics to them. She asks him to go and give kachoris at home for the kids. She notices his attachment with the family. Kartik does not tell her that he misses everyone. He refuses to go home. Naira plans surprise for him. She falls down from the stool. Kartik runs to see her.

She says I may fall down in your absence too, what will you do, will you sit at home for me. He asks her how did she fall. She says I was planning surprise for you, I was trying to keep rose petals on the fans, so that when you start the fan, the petals fall on you. Kartik thanks her for her efforts. He asks her not to do all this, as her love matters the most to him. Naksh gets to know about Akshara’s accident truth, that Mansi is the culprit. Naksh hides the truth from Naira, so that her married life does not have problems. Naira will also get to know Mansi’s accidental crime soon. How will the truth of Akshara’s death affect Kartik and Naira? Keep reading.


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