Anika to get shot by Kamini in Ishqbaaz


Anika reveals to Kamini that they have fooled her and Ranveer in their own plan. Anika tells her about Shivay, who can do anything for his family. Anika already informed Shivay about Kamini and Ranveer’s truth. Shivay got to know entire truth and made a plan. Khanna helps Shivay by telling him Ranveer’s truth. Anika asks Shivay to help out Soumya, who is locked in basement. Anika takes Priyanka’s place by telling her plan. While Shivay took Mahi’s place by making him unconscious. He thinks to play the game openly. He acts with Kamini and Ranveer. Kamini does not know Shivay has made an entry back in his family and did this planning. Kamini asks Anika what difference did she make by doing this. She tells everyone that Priyanka is really pregnant, and this would lead the family to lose name.

Shivay stops Kamini from leaving. Kamini asks Shivay how did he use Ranveer if Priyanka is characterless and got pregnant before marriage. She humiliates Priyanka. Shivay asks her to stop it. He warns her to stay in limits. Kamini realizes Mahi is replaced by Shivay. Shivay scolds her for her nonsense plans and lies. He tells Kamini that Priyanka is not pregnant. He clears out Priyanka’s name from all of Kamini’s accusations. He calls Priyanka. He exposes Ranveer’s plans, who made Priyanka helpless to marry him by lying to her and giving her drugs to acknowledge pregnancy symptoms. He planted a fake pregnancy report and pressurized her for marriage. Oberois get angry on Ranveer and Kamini.

Kamini threatens them about Soumya, who is caught up by them. Anika has already freed Soumya from Kamini’s clutches. Rudra tells Kamini how he freed Soumya from the basement. Kamini’s every move fails badly. Ranveer gets humiliated for his bad doings. Shivay realizes Kamini did not learn any lesson till now, assuming she got 200 crores diamonds. He tells Kamini how they got the diamonds back in their hands. Kamini loses temper. Shakti gets angered on Ranveer and Kamini for cheating them. The Oberois reveal to the media about the big fraud. Priyanka slaps Ranveer angrily. Shivay asks Kamini and Ranveer to leave, and not commit any more mistakes. Kamini gets mad to seek revenge from Shivay. She plans to kill him. Anika gets shot instead Shivay.


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