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Shivani has hit Veer and made him unconscious. Shivani has run away after the incident. The family worries seeing Veer’s state and take him for aid. Veer’s father asks Rashmi where is Shivani. It’s first time that a woman has beaten a man in Berahampur. Rashmi hides Shivani in her room, and does not tell anyone about her. Rashmi’s husband Manmeet also supports Shivani and Rashmi. He distracts everyone and saves Shivani. Shivani fears the punishment. She has injured Veer to stop his madness. Veer gets treated by the doctor.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira calls Suwarna and apologizes that she can’t fulfill the promise, as she can’t hurt Kartik. She does not want to do anything by hurting Kartik’s feelings. Naira and Kartik recently shifted and did not know about the flat. Naira stays scared at home, as she does not know any neighbor. The plumber comes there. Naira checks if he is genuine. Plumber gets a lady to confirm his identity. Naira allows him to enter house. Some goons find the door open and enter the house. They catch Naira and try to rob the house. Naira fights for her life. Plumber and the lady try to save Naira.

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani:
Bua threatens Raja and asks him to leave from the house. She tells him that she will kill his brother. Rani supports Raja and asks Bua not to interfere in her matters. Raja did not think Bua will fall so low. Bua says I thought I will get everything after doing this, but I did not get anything. Rani gets to know Bua’s crimes. Bua gets arrested. Raja and Rani’s love story will get a happy ending.

Saathiya: Ricky and Sita come close in the jungle. Kokila and Gopi talk about Ricky. After coming back home, there is much family drama about Ricky and Sita’s marriage alliance. Kokila is happy for Ricky’s decision to marry Sita. Sita loves Ricky. Ricky declares to Bhavani that he will marry Sita. Gopi gets shocked and does not find Ricky suitable for Sita. She says Ricky is spoilt, and we can’t risk Sita’s future. Kokila says you are right, so I have left this decision on Sita. Gopi has seen Ricky’s bad habits. She says they both have different behavior and thinking, they are poles apart, how will they keep the marriage.


Kroor Singh likes Chandrakanta and wants to confess love to her. Virendra witnesses Kroor Singh talking to his assistants. They ask Kroor Singh to wipe Chandrakanta’s tears and make her worries less. They inform Chandrakanta is much tensed about the situation. Kroor Singh thinks to meet Chandrakanta and make a place in her heart. Virendra pats Kroor Singh and makes him fall down. He laughs hearing Kroor Singh’s nonsense. He leaves to meet Chandrakanta. He wants to become part of Vijaygarh’s army. He shows his skills and fighting tricks to soldiers. Virendra fights with 10 soldiers and impresses everyone with his warship skills.


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