Yuvraaj finds Baby’s real identity in Suhani Si Ek Ladki

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Suhani and everyone plan to make Baby scared and admit the truth. They try making Baby confess her crimes by fixing the similar bulbs in her room. Baby gets a threatening letter and gets worried. Someone reveals the secret of Baby’s true identity. Baby panics on receiving a parcel. She gets a painting, in which her real identity is seen. Baby is actually a dancer Champakali, who duped people for money. She has killed Saiyyam’s childhood friend Baby and took her place to get an entry in Birla house. Yuvraaj is the person threatening Baby, after knowing all her true details about her. He visited her village and got to know Champakali’s angle.

Yuvraaj meets Suhani and tells her everything about the fraudster living in their house. They get together to expose her. Baby wonders who knows her true identity and decides to find out the person threatening her. Yuvraaj goes to see Baby, when she screams in fear. He offers her help if she is in some problem. Baby does not doubt on him. Yuvraaj tells Suhani that very soon they will be taking revenge for Yuvaan’s death and get the fraud girl Champakali punished. Will they succeed? Keep reading.

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