Dil Boley Oberoi – Kaali Thakur returns


Gauri decides to tell Omkara about her identity truth that she is actually Gauri Kumari Sharma, not Chulbul. Gauri is true in her intentions, but fails to reveal the truth to Omkara, thinking it will break his heart and trust. Kaali Thakur was earlier seen getting stabbed by an accidental fall, during a fight with Shivay and Omkara. He will be making a dramatic entry in Oberoi mansion, right from Bareilly, when Gauri goes ahead to tell Omkara about herself.

Kaali Thakur gets to know Gauri’s act to stay as Chulbul with Omkara. He meets Gauri while she is in Chulbul’s getup. Before he could harm Gauri, Omkara defends his best friend Chulbul. He stops Kaali Thakur from reaching Gauri. Gauri’s past has come in front of Omkara and Gauri. Gauri’s identity truth will be coming out in front of Omkara, while Kaali Thakur plays his tricks to trouble Gauri. Will Kaali Thakur’s evil doings bring Omkara and Gauri together? Keep reading.


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