Gulguli to punish Shivani in Ghulaam


The family catches Shivani, who has been hiding with Rashmi’s help. Gulguli challenges Shivani to have a wresting match with her. She wants to punish Shivani and get her anger out. She beats him Shivani in the wrestling ground. She scolds Shivani and asks her to fight back. Shivani cries. Gulguli holds Shivani’s neck and hurts her. Gulguli is angered by Shivani’s biggest mistake of her life, to attack on Veer. No one has hurt Veer till now.

Shivani has hit on Veer’s head and badly injured him. Gulguli can’t forgive Shivani. He does not want to spare Shivani’s life. Shivani tries explaining why she has taken that step. Gulguli does not agree to listen to Shivani. Rashmi begs to Gulguli to leave Shivani. She hugs Shivani and can’t see Shivani in trouble. Shivani faints after the fight. Maldawali enjoys the fight. She tells Shivani’s breath is still running. Veer is in hospital and getting treated. Veer will be coming back home. What will be Veer’s decision on Shivani’s move?


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