Kartik realizes family’s importance in Yeh Rishta…


Kartik tells Naira that their world is different now. Naira did not learn to live without family. She knew life is to live with everyone. She vows to explain family importance to Kartik. Goenkas left the hope that Kartik will come back. They were assuming Naira is the one who is breaking Kartik from the family. Kartik was missing his family a lot, which Naira realized. Kartik gets emotional seeing his family rescuing Naira’s life. Naira succeeds in making him realizing family’s importance. Kartik tells Dadi that he wants to come back home along with Naira. Dadi cries happily and hugs him, asking him to come along now itself.

Kartik recalls how his mum committed suicide and there was no family support with her that time. He feels if anyone rescued his mum that time, maybe she would have got saved. Kartik can’t avoid his family and also wants to secure Naira’s life. He realizes the risk he has taken by living separately and leaving Naira alone at home. When Naitik and everyone knew Naira and Kartik got separated, even they were upset. The day becomes happy one for Singhanias and Goenkas. Kartik always stayed away from family, and now he is ready to live with them. Kartik misses his mum, and does not want to lose Naira.

The incident which happened with Naira has shaken him up. He thinks Naira should get family support and love, so he has taken this decision that they will stay with everyone. Kartik understood Naira’s decision now. Naira can see thing changing for the good. She wanted Kartik and his family to meet once. Naira is very happy and wanted Kartik to stay with his family. Everything gets fine, as Kartik happily agrees to return home. Dadi, Manish, and Suwarna are very happy with Kartik and Naira coming home. Kartik and Naira realize good living is possible when family is with them.


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