High Five Spoilers

Ishqbaaz Internet Wala Love

Jaat Ki Jugni:
Bittu and Munni’s love story started. Bittu meets Munni at her home. He is not scared of her brothers. Bittu and Munni come face to face. Munni gets flowed in emotions on seeing Bittu. She forgets that Bau ji is at home. Bittu and Munni have a romantic moment. She asks him to leave before her brothers spot him.


Gopi meets Ricky before the marriage and takes his consent again. Ricky fools her and tells her that he is very happy to marry Sita. Gopi is glad that Sita is finding a good match, and what could be better than making Sita her bahu. Sita gets dressed as bride, and has many hopes in eyes. Gopi takes Sita to the mandap, and waits for Ricky. On repeating calls, Ricky does not turn up. Gopi and family get worried and go to Ricky’s room to get him. They get shocked on not finding Ricky in the room. Gopi worries thinking of Sita waiting in the mandap for Ricky. Ricky has shown marriage dreams to Sita, and then refused to marry Sita.


Maya has framed Ayaan in the rape case. Vandana gets raged and goes to attack on Maya publicly. Arjun stops Vandana from doing this madness. He asks her to drop the knife. Vandana holds Maya responsible for all this. Arjun asks Vandana did she go mad to attempt murder on Maya. Vandana is helpless and begs to Arjun and Maya, to save Ayaan. Arjun wants to support truth, but he has belief in Maya. He hugs Maya and asks her not to worry about Vandana. Vandana fears of losing Ayaan forever. Vandana gets a heart attack by immense worry. She can’t see Ayaan in jail. Arjun takes Vandana to hospital.

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee:

Aastha and Shiv are going to get married. Shiv and his baraat leaves in the bus. The bus brakes fail. The bus heads towards the school children standing at the road corner. Aastha runs and saves the kids from getting hit by the bus. She stops the bus somehow. There is engine failure after the bus drives on coconuts, on Gurumaa’s orders. Gurumaa thought its auspicious and conducted the ritual. Aastha was fearing that bus will not be able to pass on thousand coconuts. She alerted Gurumaa to not keep any such ritual. Guru Maa does not listen to Aastha. As a result, the bus catches fire. Shiv’s family call for help. Shiv tries to rescue the family members. He sends everyone out and gets stuck inside the bus. Aastha goes to rescue Shiv. He asks her to leave. Shiv loses hope. Aastha saves Shiv’s life by getting water and putting down the fire.


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