Amit to marry Aarti in Mere Angne Mein

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Amit gives his marriage ad in the newspaper, but Rani changes the ad matter. Amit’s obituary gets published in the newspaper. Entire family get shocked reading Amit’s death news and really believe it. Amit comes to meet everyone and tells about the huge misunderstanding happened. Amit and Pari do the drama in Shanti Sadan. Amit tells Shanti that he has chosen a girl for himself. Ashok gets angry and slaps Amit. He scolds Amit for doing such thing. Amit asks Shanti and Ashok to beat him. Pari does emotional blackmail. She says there is none like Sarla here, who would care for us, who would wipe our tears.

Shanti asks Ashok not to beat Amit. Pari says I will hit my head and die. Pari and Amit tell everyone that Amit and Rani got divorced, and now Amit is much worried. Amit does the drama so that he can marry Aarti. He likes Aarti seeing her beauty and wants to marry her. Pari supports Amit and asks Shanti to get Amit remarried. Shanti says if Sarla is not here, I m there for you. She tells Amit that she will find a nice girl for him, and sends him home. Amit and Pari take her blessings and leave. Will Shanti agree to get Amit and Aarti married? Keep reading.






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