Anika turns Shivay’s savior in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz huge drama

Anika spots Kamini who is close to Shivay and pointing gun to shoot him any moment. Kamini shoots at Shivay, while everyone is unaware of it. Anika runs faster than the bullet speed and manages to stand before Shivay to get the bullet on herself, to save Shivay’s life. She shouts Shivay to alert him and gets shot. Kamini does not try to shoot Shivay again and leaves from there, assuming her purpose to hurt Shivay got fulfilled if his wife got shot.

Shivay screams out Anika’s name and lifts her in arms, to take her for treatment. He thinks of the golden moments shared with Anika. It does not harm Anika much, as the bullet touches her arm and passes. Shivay calls commissioner to find out about Ranveer. She goes to get medicines for Anika. Pinky also has headache, and asks Shivay to check if she has fever. Shivay worriedly takes medicines for Anika and ignores Pinky for a while, which makes her annoyed.

Shivay consoles Sahil and assures Anika’s well recovery soon. He says nothing will happen to Anika, she just have fever and she will get fine. He asks Sahil not to cry, and weeps a lot. Sahil asks Shivay not to cry like kids. Sahil trusts Shivay and is sure that he won’t let anything happen to Anika. Shivay tells Sahil that entire family is with him. He calls Sahil as his family.


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