Baby to influence Krishna in Suhani Si Ek Ladki


Baby has made a comeback and broke the peace of Birla family. When the family keeps a puja for Krishna on hearing her pregnancy news, Baby escapes from the prison and lands in Birla house. She plans to harm Suhani. Baby fools them of some rituals, being in a pandit’s disguise. She gets a huge bell hanging over head, and tries to hurt Suhani. Suhani pushes Krishna away in order to save her from getting hit by the huge bell. Krishna’s accidental fall makes her lose her baby. Baby manages to run away and makes new plans.

Doctor informs the family about Krishna’s miscarriage. The family gets a big shock on learning that Krishna can never conceive again. Suhani does not have courage to break this news to Krishna. Krishna gets to hear this from Yuvraaj and shatters. She blames Suhani for killing her child, and feels it would have been better if she got hit by the bell. Suhani tries explaining Krishna the desperate measures taken to save her life. Krishna stays annoyed with Suhani. Baby visits the home again in the beggar’s disguise. She learns about Krishna’s miscarriage and thinks to use Krishna against Suhani. Baby tries instigating Krishna. Will Suhani and Yuvraaj catch Baby? Keep reading.


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