Adi to face huge troubles in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Ashok frames Adi in Chandan’s murder. Gagan blames Adi for killing Chandan. Everyone mourn for Chandan, whose marriage was to happen the same evening. Adi tries to run away. Ashok asks Gagan to catch Adi. Gagan and the villagers get angry on Adi and run after him to punish him. Adi flees. Ishita worries for Adi’s kundli problem. Raman asks her not to worry, as Aaliya is lucky mascot for Adi. She gets tension. She calls Adi to know his welfare. She asks him to give best wishes to Chandan in his marriage. Adi worries and says everything is fine. She senses something is wrong. Raman asks her not to overthink. She insists on going and seeing Adi once.

Adi packs his bag, while villagers reach his house. Servant helps Adi and makes him go to some old house. The villagers try to find Adi. Adi hides in an old house and worries. Gagan finds Adi and asks him why did he run away if he was not wrong. Adi explains it was an accident, he did not kill Chandan. Gagan beats up Adi, while Ashok enjoys the sight. Chandan’s mother comes to take revenge from Adi. She asks Gagan to tie up Adi, they will see him after finishing Chandan’s final rites. Ashok pities Adi’s state. Gagan goes to kill Adi. His mum stops Gagan and says its just my right to kill him. Adi panics seeing death in front of him. Ishita and Raman find the way blocked and face difficulty in reaching Adi. Chandan’s mum wants to take revenge by killing Adi. Raman and Ishita lose the route and fail to reach Adi.


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