Imli to shatter by shocking revelation in Udaan

Udaan Chakor get suspicious about Imli's return

Vivaan goes to the village and beats up Chagan. Everyone try to stop him. Vivaan says if you get to know what Chagan did, you will be ashamed of him. He takes a boulder to dump on Chagan. Ragini comes there and stops Vivaan. Vivaan turns mad in anger. Vivaan says I knew this, Chagan was badly eyeing Imli. He has a doubt that Chagan is the father of Imli’s child. On the other hand, Chakor explains Imli that Vivaan can’t father her child. Imli can’t believe it, and tells Chakor that she is really pregnant. Imli says I can’t believe you, just leave from here. She slaps Chakor angrily and shatters knowing Vivaan’s truth.

Chakor says Vivaan can never have a child. Imli blames Chakor that she still loves Vivaan and can’t see them happy. Imli gets angry and misunderstands Chakor, while Chakor thinks Imli is having an affair with Suraj. The sisters’ relation go through a trial of misunderstandings. Imli cries and does not know what’s happening. She knows Vivaan is the father of her child, and can’t understand why Chakor and Vivaan are not believing her.


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