Kosi to make a dramatic comeback in Thapki Pyaar Ki


Thapki’s life got happiness after a leap of 15 years. Thapki’s biggest enemy Kosi has come back. Thapki did not expect Bani to come back. Kosi dances on dhol and makes a dramatic entry. She lifts her ghunghat and reveals her face. Thapki and Pandey family get shocked seeing Kosi. Kosi says I have given parents’ love to Bani, when you all left her. She acts great in front of them. She says Bani did not come home, and I got to know Bani went to meet her mother after 15 years. She gets a chance to surprise everyone.

Vasundara asks Kosi to leave from the house. Kosi cries and asks them to ask Bani, I told her to go and meet her mum, but she did not agree to me, fine you all got Bani and my work is over now, I will leave from here if you want, I can’t bear this insult. She does the drama. She has brainwashed Bani. She is innocent and helpless in front of Bani. She provokes Bani to help her. Bani runs to Kosi and stops her from going. Kosi hugs Bani. Thapki permits Kosi to stay at home, so that she can keep Bani with them. She says if Bani has happiness in this, then stay here. She asks Bani why did she go, if she has misunderstanding that Bihaan died because of Thapki. Bani regards Thapki wrong. Will Thapki win Bani’s love? Keep reading.



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