Ghulaam- Rangeela to set Shivani free


Rangeela asks Shivani how did she get this anklet. He tells her about a girl who met him in the temple, she was praying beside me, and Shiv ji blessed us, I don’t know that girl and kept her anklet with me. Shivani gets glad and thinks Lord has blessed us always, but the truth is that we can’t unite now, its impossible now. Shivani recalls Rangeela and her unique moment in the temple. Rangeela does not know Shivani is that girl. He helps Shivani and her uncle in leaving from Berahampur. He says we have to leave from here before Veer gets fine. Rangeela says you have made Rangeela alive by killing the Ghulaam inside me, today I will set you free.

Rangeela started changing because of Shivani. He has given freedom to an innocent person for the first time. Rangeela will realize his love for Shivani soon. On the other hand, Gulguli asks Bhishma to find a new girl for Veer. She is glad that Shivani is gone from Veer’s life. She has called pandit to find a right girl for Veer. Bhishma asks Rangeela to go and kidnap the girl. Rangeela is ready to get the girl.

Jageer says I will do some work, I m fed up sitting here at home, I will go and get the girl who will be much better than Shivani. Jageer fails to get the girl. Rangeela is sent to get the new bride. Rangeela goes to the village, and is welcomed by the villagers. Bhishma wants Rangeela to stay with them in Berahampur. A man attacks Rangeela and shoots at him. Rangeela gets saved and catches the man, who happens to be Rashmi’s cousin. He asks the man who has sent him. Jageer made plan to get Rangeela killed by that man.


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