Virendra reaches close to Tilismi key in Chandrakanta


Chandrakanta wants to know who is the masked person entering the palace. Virendra asks Kroor Singh how can this big mistake happen in Chandrakanta’s palace. Chandrakanta tries to figure out the person. Virendra raises the question on Chandrakanta’s security. Virendra has entered her room wearing the mask, to find a key. Chandrakanta says maybe I know where is the key, and takes them to the Kaksh. Kroor Singh doubts on Virendra and gets the clothes of the mysterious man. He says we got to know who is that man and throws the clothes on Virendra.

He catches Virendra and tells Chandrakanta that Virendra is the mystery man whom they are finding. Virendra denies the blames. Kroor Singh gets suspicious about Virendra. Virendra hopes to find the Tilismi keys. Chandrakanta shows the box to Virendra. Virendra wanted to get that box. Chandrakanta opens the box. Virendra tries to check for the keys. The box holds the tilismi key. Virendra wants to steal the box. Chandrakanta locks the box and says I will keep the box key. Virendra reaches close to the Tilismi key and his motives.


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