Birlas to welcome a new member in Suhani Si Ek Ladki

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Dadi is angry knowing Suhani’s pregnancy and wants to get the baby aborted. Dadi does not want any more problems at home. She calls hospital staff to take Suhani to hospital forcibly. Saiyyam comes to Suhani’s rescue. He stops Dadi from hurting the unborn baby and supports Suhani. Rags and Dadi try to kill Suhani’s baby knowing the family is losing name and respect because of Suhani’s late pregnancy. Suhani gets angry and insults Rags for trying to kill her unborn baby. Rags tells Dadi that Suhani insulted her in front of her friends and called her a childless woman. She says Suhani should not interfere in my life, now either of me or Suhani will stay here.

Suhani comes there and tells Rags that even Rags should not interfere in her life. Rags says I will interfere as your decision is hurting us, people are laughing on our family. Suhani asks her to insult her and punish, but not her child. She begs Dadi to think for Krishna, who just lost her child. She says Krishna was talking of giving up her life, if she does anything again. She asks Dadi how can she kill Yuvraaj’s baby, when she loves Yuvraaj so much. Dadi finally understands Suhani. She feels guilty. She says Suhani told me many times that its Yuvraaj’s baby, I thought she is just embarrassing us by this pregnancy, but I did not realize I m harming Yuvraaj’s baby. She just thought everyone is taunting her for the child. Birla family respect matters the most to Dadi. Dadi could not bear the taunts. Suhani explains Dadi why she wants to give birth to the baby. Dadi decides to support Suhani, as its Yuvraaj’s child. Dadi keeps a baby welcome ceremony at home to celebrate Suhani’s pregnancy. Everyone gets excited to welcome the new member in the family.






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