Bittu reveals the truth to Munni’s brothers in Jaat Ki Jugni

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Bittu calls Gajendra Bau ji to come out and talk to him. Bittu tells Munni’s family that he can’t bear this anymore. He tells his truth to everyone and says Phoolkumari is my mum, Jyoti loves this doctor, who is not my friend, I can’t bear any love story breaking and played this drama to unite the lovers. Munni takes a stand and supports Bittu. Bittu reveals the truth and says Jyoti has no link with me. Bau ji felt Jyoti and Bittu are lovers. Bittu gets scolded by Bheem. Bittu says I had to play this drama because of your anger. Bau ji goes to beat Bittu and punish him. Phoolkumari gets the gun and asks them not to see Bittu, if anyone hurts Bittu, then she will kill all of them. Bittu asks her not to do all this, it’s not needed.

Bau ji asks her to shoot, even they won’t leave her then. Munni apologizes to Bau ji, and says I just wanted the lovers to get acceptance from you. She has right intentions, to prove her brothers right. Bheem says Jyoti will die right away. Bittu tries to explain them. Jyoti keeps a knife at Munni’s neck, so that Munni’s brothers agree to Jyoti and doctor’s alliance. Bau ji, Pratap and Bheem can’t defend as they love Munni a lot. Jyoti is blindly in love, and wants to leave. Bittu asks Jyoti to leave Munni. Jyoti uses Munni and leaves with her lover. Munni trusts Bittu will make everything fine.






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