Shivay’s dilemma over accepting Anika in Ishqbaaz


Anika reaches Mahi by asking the neighbor. She meets Mahi, who acts like Shivay for a moment. After his funny drama, Anika asks him to relax and stop the acting. She confronts him for his deeds. She wants to find out his reality. Mahi asks why do you want to know about me. She scolds him for trying to get in Shivay’s place. She tells him that she believes in his goodness, so she did not inform police. He wants to know his truth, why he did this. Mahi has no answer to tell her. He is loyal to Kamini and avoids Anika. Anika runs after Mahi to catch him and get the answer.

Shivay and Pinky get into an argument over Anika’s surname. Shakti asks Shivay what’s the problem to answer Anika’s surname. Anika stops Mahi and asks him not to test her patience, as she knows very well how to get the answers out of him. Pinky thinks to get Shivay rid of Anika. She uses Shivay’s weakness of valuing blood line and family than a person’s goodness. She knows this is the only way by which she can make Anika away from Shivay. Pinky is sure that Shivay will not accept Anika.

Anika tells Mahi that she knows he saved Shivay and called Rudra. She gets to know his name is Mahi. Mahi fools her and runs away. Mahi cries on his fate.

Shivay talks to Sahil about their parents. Sahil tells Shivay that Anika is not his real sister. Sahil tells about his parents. Shivay gets disheartened knowing Sahil’s poor background. Shivay falls in dilemma when Pinky raises the question about Anika’s family background. He thinks of choosing either his principles or Anika. What will be Shivay’s decision? Keep reading.


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