Piyush to attack Soumya in SSK-Shakti


There will be Maha Sangam episode of Sasural Simar Ka and Shakti. Piyush attacks Soumya. He kidnaps Aditya and goes. Soumya worries and reaches Harman and Simar. She tells them about Piyush attacking her and running away with the baby. Roshni tells Simar about Piyush’s strange behavior. Everyone is worried and look for Piyush. Simar asks Roshni about him. Roshni says I have no idea, he was not in the room when I woke up. Simar asks where did he go. They don’t know what’s happening.

Roshni tells Simar that she has hidden a big thing, an incident happened with Piyush on his birthday. Simar gets tensed and says how did you not tell this to me, you felt it’s not important to inform me. Piyush is affected by Kaal and does not remember what’s happening. Simar and Roshni try to find Aditya. They see Piyush sleeping in the room. Simar wakes up Piyush and asks him did he attack on Soumya. Piyush gets shocked and does not remember anything. He says I was sleeping and did not do anything. Piyush is getting possessed by Kaal. Soumya gets Aditya back.


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