A big shock to shatter Jaggi in Saathiya


Jaggi is tired of staying in hospital and wants to go home. Urmila feeds him food and says we will take you home soon. Jaggi falls down the bed and is unable to get up. He does not know why his legs are not responding. He tries hard and fails. Gopi comes there and cries. Jaggi says its good you came, see I m trying and not able to get up. Gopi can’t tell him that he lost his mobility. She helps Jaggi in standing up.

Jaggi cheers up Gopi and says it was a big accident, this happened. Gopi makes Jaggi lie down. Doctor checks Jaggi’s legs and tells Jaggi that he can never walk now. Jaggi tells doctor that he does not feel strength in his legs. Jaggi can’t accept the truth. He gets a big shock. Gopi feels guilty and tells him that she could have saved him on time. Jaggi gets annoyed with her. There is an emotional moment between them. Jaggi gets sad. Gopi sees jolly Jaggi getting depressed and gets sad. Jaggi gets family support. Gopi will help Jaggi recover.


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