Ghulaam – Loyalty versus Love


Shivani has come back to Berahampur only for Rangeela. Veer has punished Shivani and Rangeela to dance and wants to test Rangeela’s emotions. Rangeela does not want to dance with Shivani, as he regards her as Veer’s wife. Shivani and Rangeela dance on Veer’s orders. Shivani gets a golden opportunity to dance with her love, and expresses her feelings to Rangeela again. Rangeela gets tensed seeing her. Maldawali imagines a romantic dance with Rangeela. Maldawali gets jealous seeing Rangeela and Shivani. Rangeela tells Shivani that Veer is punishing her because of her, and asks her to stay away. Choudhary asked Rangeela to dance with Gulguli. Gulguli had foot injury, so Rangeela and Shivani had to dance. Shivani does not get scared of Veer and dances romantically with Rangeela.

Veer get enraged seeing Shivani. Maldawali provokes Veer. Rangeela gets proved innocent. Veer was doubting Rangeela to have feelings for Shivani. Maldawali wants to save Rangeela and get Shivani punished. She fixes a CCTV camera in Rangeela’s room to prove Shivani’s cheat. Shivani goes to Rangeela and tries to win his love. She asks Rangeela to prove whether his loyalty to Veer is true or her love. Rangeela gets away from Shivani. Veer and Maldawali shockingly see Rangeela and Shivani on the camera feeds. Gulguli decides to punish Rangeela for snatching Veer’s love. What will Gulguli plan against Shivani and Rangeela? Keep reading.


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