Aryan to bridge gap between Thapki and Bani

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Bihaan has returned in Thapki’s life as Aryan. Bani and Thapki get into an argument. She questions Thapki about Bihaan’s death. She feels Thapki is responsible for everything. She wants an answer from Thapki. Thapki asks Devi Maa to help her in making relations fine. Thapki sadly leaves from the temple and collides with Aryan’s car. She sees Aryan and calls out Bihaan.

Aryan does not know Thapki. Thapki follows Aryan. He finds out why Thapki is following him. He gets to know Bihaan used to look like him. Thapki meets Aryan and tells everyone about Bihaan. She says she was following him to know about him, but had no wrong intention. She asks him to help her in winning her daughter’s love. Aryan will be becoming link between Thapki and Bani.






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