Gauri-Rudra to save Omkara’s life in Dil Boley Oberoi


Kaali Thakur keeps a celebration at home, before he kills Omkara. Kaali Thakur does not know his plan is going to fail. Kaali Thakur and Tej seal the deal and celebrate. Gauri and Rudra take disguise of dancers and reach there. They perform and keep an eye on Kaali Thakur’s moves. Jhanvi also gets caught by Kaali Thakur. Shwetlana is helpless and can’t do anything to stop Kaali Thakur. Omkara is in cage and very much helpless. He watches the dancers and could not recognize Gauri and Rudra.

Kaali Thakur drinks along with Tej and has the keys with him. Gauri fools him and takes the keys. Rudra and Gauri find the keys and free Omkara from the cage. Rudra signs Jhanvi to understand their plan. Rudra tells Omkara that they have come to save him. Tej wants to marry Shwetlana. Tej joined hands with Kaali Thakur to fulfill his motives. Jhanvi points gun at Tej to save her son. Jhanvi tells Tej that she will shoot him, if he does not release Omkara. Kaali Thakur takes the gun from Jhanvi and catches her.


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