Harman to leave Preeto-Harak in Shakti

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Soumya runs after the car shouting for her son. Harman stops Soumya and asks her not to run on road. She says they have taken our Aditya. She has much pain in heart and can’t control herself. Harman consoles her. He sees Soumya shattering and cries. He assures her he will get Aditya back. He goes to get milk and jalebis seeing Soumya sleeping. He comes back and wakes her up, asking her to have some food. Soumya refuses to have anything and just wants her son back. Harman tells Preeto that he is leaving the house now. Preeto tries to stop him.

Harman wants Preeto to experience the pain of losing a son, as Preeto has separated Soumya from Aditya. Soumya cries a lot and can’t bear the separation pain. Harman can’t see Soumya’s pain. He feels helpless and holds Preeto responsible for all the problems in their life. Soumya’s son has gone far from her. Her motherly emotions are much hurt. Harman wants Preeto to understand Soumya once. Harman and Soumya stay on roads. Preeto thinks to see Harman once. She can’t see Harman in such poor state and tries to convince him. Preeto and Harak want to take Harman back home. Harman says you have made me leave the house, now I will not come back even if you call, I have lost my son, you both are very sensible and play games smartly. Preeto will have to accept Soumya and Aditya to get Harman back.

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