High Five Spoilers

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Saanjh is getting engaged to Samay. Saanjh is very happy to marry Samay. She dances in her engagement with her family. Maya and Arjun are invited in her engagement. Saanjh and Maya get into an argument. Samay leaves from there to get Maya. He loves Maya a lot. His focus just stays on Maya. Saanjh does not see Samay leaving. Maya will be getting big twist in the show again.


Karan is upset and locks himself in the room. Nandkishore scolded Karan a lot by taunting him incapable to support the family business. Karan is not employed and hears many taunts by his dad. Naina asks him to open the door and cries. Karan does not listen to Naina. Naina shares her pain with Meghna and cries. Karan’s heart broke. He got hurt because of his family. Naina could not bear Karan’s pain. Meghna consoles Naina. She says you are much strong, Karan’s confidence can’t break, as you are with her, I m sure his confidence will come back. Meghna and Naina talk to Karan and convince him to come out of his sorrow.


Virendra goes missing in the war ground. Chandrakanta helplessly goes to give up her life. Shivdutt has injured Virendra. Chandrakanta finds Virendra injured and cries. She asks Virendra to get up and fight, as he promised her that he will always protect her. She gets worried seeing Virendra’s state. She asks Virendra to get up and protect her. Shivdutt acts cheap and misbehaves with Chandrakanta. He drags her and says Virendra can’t help her now. She tries hard to make Virendra conscious.


Shivani’s leg gets stuck and she shouts for help. Veer does not help her. Veer gets a money sack. The villagers fight for money. Veer shoots in air to stop them. Veer is doubting Rangeela now. He has trusted Shivani and Rangeela before. He is testing Rangeela’s feelings for Shivani. He wants to test their love and know if they are fooling him by lies. Veer also loves Shivani, but is angry on her. The people shoot at each other to get the money, while Veer gets back and checks if Rangeela will save Shivani. Shivani sits between the shooting and shouts for help.

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage:

Mukhi waits for the bride in mandap. Aru and Mishri get worried. Mishri informs Mukhi about the bride. Aru leaves from there and gets dressed as the bride, after knowing the bride has not turned up for marriage. Aru sits as bride and exchanges garlands with Mukhi. Mukhi gets to see her face and gets shocked. Everyone look for Aru. Mukhi takes Aru with him and leaves from the mandap, before marriage rituals start. Mukhi and Aru have a talk and come back to the mandap. They get married.


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