Nandkishore to crush Karan’s confidence in Swabhimaan


Karan is upset and locks himself in the room. Nandkishore scolded Karan a lot by taunting him incapable to support the family business. Karan is not employed and hears many taunts by his dad. Naina asks him to open the door and cries. Karan does not listen to Naina. Naina shares her pain with Meghna and cries. Karan’s heart broke. He got hurt because of his family. Naina could not bear Karan’s pain. Meghna consoles Naina. She says you are much strong, Karan’s confidence can’t break, as you are with her, I m sure his confidence will come back. Meghna and Naina talk to Karan and convince him to come out of his sorrow.

Karan is fed up hearing Nandkishore’s taunts. He tells Dada ji that he wants to do such work that helps others, not just to earn money. Karan and Naina leave from home. Sandhya gets the news of Nandkishore’s arrest for doing accident of someone and then bribing him to dismiss case. The reporter says Nandkishore has accepted the crime and is in police station right now. The entire family gets shocked seeing the news on tv. Meghna is very happy as she wants Nandkishore to pay for his mistakes. She has problem with Nandkishore’s thinking.


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