Vivaan to cheat Aazaadgunj residents in Udaan


The villagers face a new problem. Chakor says you know very well that villagers will not make guns for you. Vivaan tells everyone that he will release them from bandhuagiri and pay them much money. He bribes them and thinks greed is the only way to get labor. Chakor says we will not melt by your proposal, we will not make guns. Chakor tells villagers that gun making can be harmful for them in future. She says we will not compromise with Vivaan, even if Vivaan arranges food and money for everyone.

Vivaan is sure to convince the villagers for their plan. Vivaan tells his plan to Ragini, and says we are not just siblings, but business partners also, trust me, we have to be practical, the villagers will dream of freedom, we will tear old contracts and free them, only to get them trapped into a new contract, so that they get indebted to us. He tells her that he lied to everyone that he will pay them 7 times the money and wants to convince villagers, once they fall in his trap, even Suraj and Chakor can’t do anything. Ragini was annoyed with him for deciding everything alone. After knowing his plans, Ragini praises Vivaan’s smartness.


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