Suhani to search for her real child in Suhani Si Ek Ladki

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Suhani will be soon finding her real child. Dadi has swapped her Suhani’s baby. Doctor tells Suhani that maybe by someone’s mistake, the baby got swapped. Suhani does not doubt on anyone. Suhani thinks its hospital staff’s mistake. She will find her daughter. Dadi does not like dark skin people. Dadi was in dilemma and planned everything to get fair baby at home. She has sent Suhani’s baby away. Dadi has got a poor woman’s fair baby home and does not want dark baby to come in her new generation. Dadi’s thinking does not change after so many years.

Dadi’s perception will change by Suhani’s efforts. Suhani will make Dadi realize that person’s values and nature is important that external beauty. Suhani does not know her real child is close to her. The new servants have Suhani’s child. Suhani feels some bond with the child. She does not figure out the link. Suhani does the aarti and gives prasad to everyone. The baby holds Suhani. Suhani feels motherly love for her child. Will Suhani figure out the real baby and confront Dadi? Keep reading.






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