Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji – Kanak’s task


Uma Shankar forcibly marries Kanak, telling her that he has understood the Lord’s sign that they are made for each other. He is sure that she will also believe the signs some day. He doesn’t want to let her get away. Kanak stays with Uma Shankar, to get the property papers of Bhabho’s shop. Vansh has sold the shop to Uma Shankar, knowing Bhabho will never stop making sweets and degrade her health after the shop. Uma Shankar has no idea about Kanak staying in his house just for property papers.

Kanak attempts to get the papers and fails. She thinks of stay with Uma for a week and get the papers in her hand, so that she can go back home. Uma Shankar feels Kanak is like some riddle, who runs away from him sometimes and then shows her rights on him. Kanak sees Uma Shankar having the safe keys. She thinks to get the keys from him somehow. She wants to return the shop to Bhabho. Uma Shankar makes her wear the mangalsutra. He believes their ghatbandhan is for seven births. Kanak plans to run away in seven days. Can their relation become a bond of seven births in seven days? Keep reading.


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