Waaris – Raj and Mannu to marry

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Amba doubts Mannu and Raj hiding some secret. She thinks to separate them, and announces Mannu’s marriage to happen in a month’s time. Raj plans to show Amba’s selfish side to Mannu, and sends her threatening letters about Mannu’s truth. Amba gets to know Raj’s conspiracy to send the letters to her. She falls in pressure about hiding Mannu’s truth and fixes Mannu’s marriage with a girl to keep up her lie. Amba hurriedly propones the marriage, and shocks Mannu. Raj asks Mannu to see Amba’s truth. Mannu refuses for marriage. Amba asks him to do whatever she wants, and leaves her free.

Amba threatens Mannu of committing suicide. Mannu falls emotionally weak seeing Amba. Mannu feels helpless. Raj makes Mannu realize her true feelings and dreams. Mannu runs away with Raj, while Pavaniyas attack Raj. Raj gets beaten up. Mannu takes a stand to protect Raj. Mannu fights with the men. Amba walks in the temple to kill Raj. Mannu gets against Amba to protect her love. She asks Amba to shoot Raj if she wants to see her daughter as a widow. She reminds Amba how she raised her daughter as a son. Mannu marries Raj in front of Amba, leaving the decision to Amba to accept them or not. Amba gets a huge shock with Mannu’s step. Will Amba accept Raj and Mannu’s marriage? Keep reading.

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