Radhika’s entry calls for trouble in Ghulaam


Radhika reaches the haveli and argues with Veer. She says I will get everyone arrested. Veer points gun at her head and asks her to lower her tone. Veer wants Rangeela to marry Radhika. He says this literate girl from a good family will marry our Rangeela, I have fixed their marriage. Radhika gets trapped. She was travelling to meet a prospective groom. Rangeela gets them to the haveli.

Veer says Radhika will tell us about herself. She says I m educated, I have done post graduation, this is my family, we were going to meet the groom’s family. Veer has found this a way to separate Shivani and Rangeela. He threatens Radhika to obey him, else he will kill her. He declares Rangeela and Radhika’s marriage to know what Rangeela feels for Shivani, their love story will end, is Rangeela loyal to him or not, or if Rangeela and Shivani’s love is mutual. Radhika scolds Rangeela for cheating her and getting her to Veer, after promising her to drop her home. She refuses to marry Rangeela and angers Veer more.


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