Shivay and Anika get moved by shocking revelations in Ishqbaaz

New twists with Zain Iman and Mandana Karimi's entry in Ishqbaaz

Anika demands an answer from Mahi about Shivay and his relation. She says Shivay and you are own brothers. Mahi explains her the difference between Shivay and him. She gets emotional hearing him. Mahi says I don’t have any answers to give you. She asks him to answer the truth. She sympathizes seeing Mahi’s pain. She understands the pain of loneliness, when a person has to deal with life alone. She asks him to speak up the truth to the person who understands him very well, being an orphan. Anika says Shivay should know this truth. Mahi disagrees. Anika asks him to come and stay as Oberois, as its his right. Mahi asks her to just leave. She asks him to think about Pinky, who gave him birth. Mahi tells her that Pinky is not Shivay’s real mother. Anika gets moved by this truth.

Meanwhile, Shivay gets moved when Anika’s alleged mother Naintara walks in, and brings shame for Shivay saying she is a bar dancer. Pinky hired Naintara to get Shivay and Anika separated. Naintara’s background shocks Shivay. Anika thinks of Pinky’s love for Shivay. She can’t believe Shivay is not Pinky’s real son. She talks to Omkara and does not tell the truth to him. Omkara gets worried sensing Anika is in tension. Anika asks him to meet at home. Shivay asks Naintara to come with him to talk. Pinky gets hope that her plan is working. Shivay and Anika meet holding the shocking truths.


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