Soumya to find work to relief Harman’s burden in Shakti

Soumya gets ousted by Nani

Harman started doing petty things to earn money. Soumya wants to help him in managing the expenses. She lands in Harak’s friend’s house. Soumya becomes a maid. She wants to earn money and works in neighborhood. She keeps ghunghat on her face, as no one will give her work if they know she is Harman’s wife. She thinks Harman would also get angry knowing she is working as maid, and his respect in society can also tarnish. She hides from everyone. She gets the maid-cook’s work. She knows the necessity to earn.

A little boy comes to kitchen and makes her work double. Soumya talks to the boy with love. Soumya gets the job by difficulty. The man asks her to keep the house clean, apart from cooking work. The boy spoils the floor again and again, and troubles her. Preeto visits the house, and sees Soumya. Soumya hides her identity from Preeto. Few goons tease Soumya on the way. How will Harman rescue Soumya? Keep reading.


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