Rishabh to test Chamki in Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai

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Gitanjali has come back home as Chamki. Rishabh gets angry on her, thinking she is Gitanjali’s lookalike. Rishabh misses Gitanjali and plays a sad tune on piano. Gitanjali cries seeing Rishabh in sorrow. Rishabh asks her to get out. She says I m not a thief, why are you asking me to leave. He says you are not my sister, my sister is dead. Truth is not revealed to Rishabh. She feels bad for Rishabh, who genuinely loves her. Gitanjali troubles Sevakram and Chanda. Rishabh makes Gitanjali out of kitchen. He is much upset seeing Chamki saving Abhimanyu from police.

He wanted Abhimanyu to land behind bars for killing Gitanjali. Gitanjali wants to end Rishabh’s annoyance, but can’t reveal truth to him. Rishabh knows she is fraud. He senses she maybe Gitanjali. But, he has done Gitanjali’s final rites and believes she died. Gitanjali as Chamki claims she is Gitanjali. Rishabh drags her for horse riding, to know if she can ride the horse or not, if she is really Gitanjali or not. Gitanjali teamed up with Rajveer and is taking revenge from Abhimanyu and his family. She wants to keep her identity a secret to workout her plan.






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