Star Plus’ Mini Spoilers

Star Plus TellyReviews Top 2 Upcomings

Dil Boley Oberoi:
After Gauri and Chulbul’s truth comes out, Buamaa and Jhanvi make Omkara accept Gauri as his wife, as that’s the only option to get rid of Shwetlana, who has high hopes to become Omkara’s wife. Omkara gets Gauri home, as his bride, while Shwetlana waits for Omkara in the marriage mandap, all dressed up as his would be bride. Omkara refuses to marry Shwetlana. Shwetlana does the marriage setup. She reminds him the prenup which he signed. She says if you refuse to marry me, I will get all your property.


Pinky has hired Naintara and tries to introduce her to Anika in a shocking way. Shivay tries to keep Anika and Naintara at a distance. He fears Anika can’t tolerate this truth that her mother is a bar dancer. Pinky throws a party at home. Naintara dances in the party, making the Oberoi mansion a place like her bar. Naintara spoils the celebrations. She flirts with Shakti. Shakti feels odd. Naintara dances with Shakti. Everyone stand silent and does not know how to react seeing Naintara’s mujra.

Dhhai Kilo Prem:

Piyush is tensed seeing his mum pouring kerosene on herself. He runs and stops his mum from burning herself. He asks his mum did she go mad and hugs her. He is angered seeing his mum attempting suicide. Piyush has a good bond with his mum. He blames his dad for this. Piyush’s marriage is fixed with Dipika. But, he wants to leave home as he can’t marry Dipika, he loves Sarika. He asks how can mum support dad in this matter. Piyush promises his mum that he will do as she says. They have an emotional scene. He agrees to marry Dipika. He says I will forget my love and marry the girl you all say.


Jaggi risks his life to save kids. Jaggi falls in water, and gets electrocuted. The kids shout to Gopi. Jaggi asks them to stay away. Gopi saves Jaggi on right time. She makes Jaggi sit on wheelchair. Ricky’s Daimaa has done this to kill Jaggi. Daimaa hides from everyone’s sight. Daimaa is seeking revenge from Gopi and Jaggi, as they made Ricky’s life hell. Jaggi gets sad and blames himself for not saving the kids well.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Adi and Roshni try to cover up their marriage truth. Romi gets a morphed photo where some guy is seen in Adi’s place. Ishita doesn’t like the guy, who looks more like a goon. She tells Roshni that its better to move on than being with such a fraud. Roshni gets relieved that now Ishita will never know the truth. Ishita comes across the same guy, who she has seen in the photo. Will Ishita find out Adi and Roshni’s lie?


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