Bani to set Thapki and Aryan’s date in Thapki Pyaar Ki

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Kosi’s plan fails when Bani beats up Kosi. Bani has sent Thapki and Aryan on a date. Samar helps Bani. Kosi tells Bani that Aryan is not Bihaan, he is just lookalike and has relation with Thapki. She jokes on Thapki and Aryan. She tries to show Aryan’s truth to Bani. Bani does not tolerate this and gives a warning to Kosi, saying if you doubt on my dad or say bad about him, I will beat you more. Kosi gets shocked seeing Bani’s behavior.

Bani gets emotional and can’t hear a word against her dad Bani has forgotten all the bitterness seeing Thapki and Aryan together. Bani calls up Thapki and tells her that date was a surprise for her. She says I know you all have tensions at home, just don’t spoil my surprise and enjoy, tell dad we miss him, we will take care of family. She tells Samar that date got set well, all thanks to you. Samar says I can do anything for Thapki aunty. Bani tells Samar about her dream date. She says I want a romantic date with the person I love, there should be love and romance in air, candle light dinner and music, we will dance. Bani dances with Samar, describing her expectations of her life partner.






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