Ghulaam – Rangeela opts for his principles


Rangeela will be fighting back for Shivani’s respect. Veer announces Shivani’s marriage with five men. Rangeela gets a shock. He recalls his principles and mum’s teachings that a woman’s respect is more important than respecting Lord. He regards Veer as his Lord, but now he opts for his principles and goes to defend Shivani. Shivani’s respect was getting tarnished in front of everyone. Rangeela has supported Shivani. He gets punished by Veer. Rangeela gets tied and beaten up by Veer. Shivani cries and wipes Rangeela’s face. Gulguli gets angry and slaps Shivani to bring her senses back. Rangeela tells Veer that he will never admit he did mistake, as he can’t support wrong thing happening in front of his eyes. Shivani’s respect is saved, but she gets tortured by Gulguli.

Veer is angry as Rangeela started the protest against him. Veer does not want to lose his powers in Berahampur. Rangeela will be seen having his own strong identity now. Veer points gun at Rangeela and Shivani. Rangeela raised voice in favor of women’s respect. Rangeela will not listen to anyone now. He has provoked Veer by his statements. This is turning point in Rangeela’s life. How will Rangeela bear Veer’s tortures? Keep reading.



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