Suraj and Vivaan’s fight over Imli in Udaan


Suraj loses his temper seeing Vivaan humiliate Imli. Vivaan asks Suraj did he keep Imli as his mistress, when he already has his wife Chakor. Suraj turns into an angry young man and beats Vivaan red and blue. Suraj says if you say anything to Imli again, I will break your legs. Imli asks Suraj to leave Vivaan. Vivaan asks Suraj why is he feeling bad. Vivaan is angered on Imli and getting his frustration out on her again and again. Suraj has turned into Imli’s savior.

Imli was just cleaning Vivaan’s room. Vivaan asks her by what right did she come to his room. Vivaan pushes Imli out of his room. Suraj comes to hold her in time, and asks Vivaan how can he push Imli knowing she is pregnant. Her pregnancy drama is still going on. Vivaan asks Suraj to take his mistress and leave. Suraj asks Vivaan not to say anything heart aching to Imli, as tension and sorrow is not good for her in pregnant state. Suraj teaches manners to Vivaan. Chakor leaves from the haveli seeing Imli with Suraj.


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